Guest Posting Strategies for Beginners

Many people have heard about the importance of guest posting strategies, but they do not know much about guest posting. For example, many people are shocked to find out that only about half of bloggers write the guest posts that they come up with ideas for.

There are many facts like this that surprise people who are just entering the world of guest blogging. Unfortunately, not knowing about some of this information can lead people to make mistakes that waste their time and effort.

If you want to make the most of your entrance into guest posting, it helps to know what to expect in advance. So what are the best strategies for guest posting? How can you start the guest posting process and end with a successful guest post?

Read on to learn all about the most important strategies to focus on as you start guest posting!

List Websites That Can Help You With Local SEO

Many people are excited to write a guest post but have no idea where to ask people to publish it. Sometimes, people write a guest post only to find out that it does not suit the requirements of any websites that publish guest posts.

That is why it is important to start your process by making a list of websites that might publish you. If you start with writing a post instead, you may waste your time. Once you have a list of websites that accept guest posts, you can pitch them and find out how you would need to write your post so that they would be willing to publish it.

So, where can you find websites that publish guest posts? First, you will often find that other people have compiled lists of dozens or even hundreds of websites that sometimes publish guest posts. If you go on google, you can search for things like “websites that publish guest posts”.

You can also add a search term relevant to what you want to write about. After all, if you want to write about golf, you will want to avoid the majority of websites that are not interested in publishing material on that specific subject.

This can provide you with hundreds of options in just an hour of work or so. In other words, the hard part is not finding potential websites. Once this is done, you can move on to the next step.

Emphasize Efficient Guest Blogging

You might think that you should start reaching out to all of the websites you have found. However, even if a website accepts a post of yours to publish, you could end up wasting your time. That is because some websites do not provide much website traffic.

There is little point in publishing a post that no one is going to read. That means that you should first figure out which websites are worth publishing your guest post on.

This can also save you huge amounts of time. If you start reaching out to hundreds of websites, it could take you many hours of tedious labor. So how can you figure out which websites have a reasonable amount of traffic?

There are all kinds of tools that indicate how much traffic each website on the internet gets. For example, you can check out Keysearch or Ubersuggest.

Another way to measure the popularity of a website is by looking at its social media. If it has a lot of followers on social media, they probably have a lot of website traffic.

Create Quality Ideas

Popular websites like these receive many pitches. You don’t want to start by reaching out to ask if they would be willing to publish a future guest post of yours that you have not yet written. After all, you already know that they sometimes publish guest posts.

Your next step is to put together a guest post that they will want to publish. To do that, you first need to figure out what kind of guest post would be valuable to write.

Of course, this may be constrained by what you have the knowledge to write about. You will then need to further narrow possible topics to what each blog might be interested in publishing. Lastly, you need to avoid topics that compete with articles already on that website.

Scanning through the articles on a website can give you plenty of ideas about what they might be willing to publish. However, you will then need to write something related, but not identical to what they have already published.

Use Marketing Strategies to Write a Pitch

Once you have some guest post ideas that a website may be willing to publish, you will need to write a pitch. Most people spend less time on their pitch than on their guest post. However, when you are starting out, you should do the opposite.

After all, you cannot rely on your reputation to get a website to publish you. Instead, you will need a great pitch. Don’t just copy and paste a general pitch and send it to many websites.

Personalize each pitch and demonstrate that you understand the kind of content they publish. Then, attach segments of your writing that demonstrate your ability.

Write Content That Emphasizes Link Building

Once you have a website that will publish your content, all that is left is to write a quality post. Focus on providing genuine value to readers. Provide any insights you have that they will not find just anywhere.

Also, make sure to add links to your website in a tasteful way that also adds value to readers. The better you do on your first few guest posts, the higher the chance that you will have opportunities to write more in the future.

Understand the Best Strategies for Guest Posting

Many people are unsure about how to get started with guest posting. Taking the time to learn more about the process can help you feel confident to take your first few steps forward. On top of that, doing your research in advance can help you avoid making common mistakes that will waste your time and effort.

To learn more about guest posting and other marketing strategies, feel free to reach out and get in touch with us at any time!

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