Social Media Marketing Near Me: How To Choose the Right Agency

About 3.5 billion people worldwide actively use social media. In fact, the average American has over seven accounts. With the right social media marketing advice, you can attract those consumers to your brand.

Searching for “social media marketing near me” could leave you with hundreds of options to dig through, though. Instead, use these tips to find the best social media marketing agency around.

Leveraging their expertise can ensure you use the right social media marketing tips to reach your target audience. Read on to start your search for an agency today!

List Your Priorities

Before researching every social media marketing agency under the sun, take a moment to outline your goals, priorities, and needs. Outlining your social media marketing goals can help you find an agency equipped to accomplish those goals.

Neglecting to consider your goals, on the other hand, could cause you to hire an agency that lacks the services you need. They could struggle to accomplish your goals efficiently, wasting valuable time, money, and resources.

Instead, consider what you want to accomplish through social media marketing. For example, maybe you want to:

  • Generate brand awareness and recognition
  • Gain more social media followers
  • Strategize for specific platforms
  • Generate leads and sales
  • Direct consumers to your website
  • Gain likes, shares, and comments
  • Share more video content
  • Keep up with social media marketing trends
  • Become a thought leader within your industry

Once you outline your goals, determine what social media marketing services you need to accomplish each goal.

When interviewing each agency on your list, ask how they intend to accomplish your goals. Learn about their process to make sure they’re capable of meeting your needs.

For example, the agency should take the time to research your brand, industry, and customers. They should look at what your competitors post on social media, too. Then, they should determine which tactics will help you accomplish each goal on your list.

If the agency doesn’t take the time to gather research before strategizing, they’ll make costly assumptions. They could waste your time and resources as a result.

If the agency doesn’t ask about your goals, they won’t customize your social media marketing strategy based on your needs.

With that in mind, outline your goals before using the rest of this social media marketing guide.

Look for Years of Experience

As you begin building a list of social media marketing agencies to research further, look into each company’s history. Determine how long they’ve run and operated. Find a long-established marketing agency with years of hands-on social media marketing experience.

A new agency will need time to work out kinks in their operations. Chances are, they don’t have an efficient process in place for helping clients.

An experienced agency, on the other hand, can leverage their years of experience in the industry. They’ll know which tactics work and which to avoid. Leveraging their experience and expertise can save you valuable time and money.

Ask the agency about the clients they’ve helped in the past. Determine if they’ve helped another business within your industry. If they have, ask how they were able to help that client.

Finding an agency with relevant experience can help you feel more confident in their abilities to accomplish your goals.

Determine if the agency specializes in any one area, too.

For example, perhaps they specialize in creating unique video content. Maybe they have more experience on Facebook over LinkedIn. Make sure their specialized experience aligns with your goals.

Read Reviews

You can narrow down your options by reading online reviews from clients who were once in your shoes. Check these sites to find reviews for each agency:

  • Google Business
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Each agency’s Testimonials page

Before hiring a social media marketing agency, make sure they already have a strong reputation. If they have a number of complaints filed against them, keep searching.

A marketing agency with a glowing reputation has already earned the respect of their clients. You can feel confident hiring an agency other business owners have trusted in the past.

Explore Their Portfolio

Ask for evidence that the agency is capable of meeting your needs and expectations. Review their portfolio to confirm their work meets your standards.

Ask to see some of the social media content they’ve created for their previous clients.

If the quality of their work doesn’t meet their expectations, remove that agency from your list.

Discuss Services

Determine what’s included with each agency’s social media marketing services. Look into the other services the agency offers, too. For example, you might need help with:

  • Social media development
  • Graphic design
  • Content creation
  • Copywriting
  • Custom music
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Website design and development

Find an agency that offers multiple marketing services under one roof. A full-service agency can further benefit your social media marketing strategy.

For example, you can create custom music for your video content. High-quality video posts can help you stand out online. In fact, video content is now the number one form of content, overtaking blogs and infographics.

Compare Estimates

Ask more than one social media marketing agency for an itemized list of all the services they offer. Requesting more than one estimate can help you compare prices. If one agency’s pricing exceeds the average, determine why that is.

Determine when the agency can get started, too. If they’re juggling too many clients at once, delays could impact your ability to reach customers.

Then, review your notes to make an informed decision. Choose an experienced agency that’s most qualified to accomplish your goals. With their help, you can improve your marketing ROI, offsetting the price of their services.

Social Media Marketing Near Me: Hire the Best Agency Today

Searching for social media marketing near me could prove time-consuming if you don’t have a plan. Instead, use this social media marketing guide to narrow down your options. Then, hire the agency that’s best qualified for the job.

With their help, you can use social media marketing to reach more customers online.

Ready to get started? We can’t wait to help.

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