It’s about Wyoming. It’s about you.

There’s so much to be said about small town life. I love it. I’ve lived in several towns in other states, but there’s just something about Gillette that draws me back. Our greatest resource is the people. My family loves our neighbors and we bless our community by serving others. This biz makes advertising/marketing simple so you can just expect results while focusing on your biz (and family and bills and social events and and that home project you’ve putting off for months and blah, blah, blah).

That’s why I make it simple.

We give more than we take . Everyone should win in business . It's ultimately always about people
I am Brett Hansen.

I’m the owner of Ex35 Creative. In that role, I take your success very seriously. I know there are a billion other things grabbing at your attention. So let my expertise go to war for you. I’ve spent over 12 years learning the ropes in advertising and marketing while doing graphic design, websites, SEO, writing, photography, videography and signage.

Want to know what I’ve learned in 12 years? Leave it to the expert.
I have a lot on my plate as well so I understand the importance of playing to your strengths. You can’t DIY this. In business, you must automate, delegate, or eliminate. Delegate your business brand and presence to me and sit back to see the fruits of my labor for you.
I’m also a husband to Marie, formerly Norfolk-Murphy, and father to two amazing boys. We enjoy the simple life where it’s more about living slow and healthy, with joy and freedom. We love God, exercise, being outside, backpacking, rock climbing, fishing, eating awesome food, traveling, reading, gardening, board and card games, and just taking a break for some silence.

Let’s make business marketing simple.

Brett Hansen

Monday – Friday
7am – 4pm
He has filled them with skill to do all the work of a gem cutter; a designer; an embroiderer in blue, purple, and scarlet yarn and fine linen; and a weaver. They can do every kind of craft and design artistic designs . Exodus 35:35 CSB