The Good News

You may have NEVER heard!

The story of mankind

A long time ago, an honorable King designed an amazing kingdom. He appointed the first humans as leaders over this kingdom. They lived joyfully under the King’s compassionate leadership, taking care of His creation in peace and plenty.


But an enemy came deceiving the people. They disobeyed the King’s ways and were kicked out of the kingdom. Though the King still loved them, their disobedience brought a curse—one of difficulty, illness, and death.


The King promised to send a rescuer to defeat the enemy and restore His Kingdom. Generations passed until one day, the King’s only Son was born in a humble town. The Son fully embodied his Father’s Kingdom, modeling the King’s values.


The Son taught that the Kingdom was arriving through him. Though not a physical Kingdom, anyone could experience it by embracing the King’s principles of purpose, self-control, compassion, and integrity. The King’s Kingdom was priceless!


The powerful rejected the Son, for they loved their own petty kingdoms. But they could not thwart the King’s plan. The Son willingly sacrificed himself, taking all humanity’s curses and sins upon himself. Three days later, he rose triumphant over death itself!


Now reconciled to the King, former exiles can rejoin the Kingdom by pledging loyalty to the Son as their true Leader. When they do, the King adopts them as His heirs. He sends His Spirit to empower them to live out Kingdom values.


As the King’s representatives, they work to expand the Kingdom everywhere. One day soon, the King will return and usher in the fullness of His Kingdom forever. Until then, the exiles prioritize the King and His righteousness above all, for this is the good news they proclaim.

the Kingdom of Heaven
Jesus is King

This is NOT a religion

Religion often blindly substitutes for the true Kingdom, hindering people from the real solution to life’s problems. Here are obvious signs of religion:



  1. Religion occupies people until they find the Kingdom. It is what people do before discovering the Kingdom’s power.
  2. Religion prepares to leave earth, while the Kingdom empowers people to change earth.
  3. Religion focuses on Heaven, but the Kingdom’s concern is earth.
  4. Religion reaches up to God, but the Kingdom is God reaching down to humans.
  5. Religion wants escape from earth, yet the Kingdom transforms earth.
  6. Religion takes earth to Heaven, but the Kingdom brings Heaven to earth. Jesus strongly critiqued religious leaders for shutting people off from the Kingdom.
  7. Religion travels far to convert people to more religion.
  8. The Kingdom surpasses external righteousness or rule-following. Shockingly, the irreligious often embrace the Kingdom before the religious.

In the end, religion is one of the greatest obstacles to experiencing the Kingdom’s life-altering power. All this suggests the need to re-examine religion’s influence over our lives and culture. The Kingdom offers what religion cannot.

This is Kingdom

Christianity as a formal religion is well-known globally. Yet the Kingdom of God remains surprisingly obscure and rarely taught. Many ministry training programs lack courses on the Kingdom. So few pastors grasp or focus on the Kingdom in their teaching.


This overemphasis on spreading Christian religion and rituals has created a huge hole in the world. This hole can only be filled by understanding the Kingdom of God.


The Kingdom differs drastically from religion. Learning what a kingdom is and how it works provides insight missing from religion. One can discover kingdom principles and how to apply them as citizens of God’s Kingdom.


The Kingdom provides meaning and hope that people desperately need today. We must understand the Kingdom in order to experience it and share it with others. Embracing the Kingdom revolutionizes life and perspective.


  1. Purpose – The Kingdom gives followers a transcendent sense of meaning, identity, and destiny. Citizens align with their unique God-given purpose.
  2. Values – Kingdom values like righteousness, peace, justice, mercy, and faithfulness shape every aspect of life. Citizens reflect God’s character.
  3. Allegiance – The Kingdom demands total allegiance to the King, Jesus Christ, above all else. This allegiance transforms motives and actions.
  4. Stewardship – Citizens are stewards entrusted with resources to further the Kingdom. Stewardship involves using gifts responsibly.
  5. Servanthood – Citizens serve others with compassion as Jesus did. The Kingdom advances through humble servanthood, not power.
  6. Love – The supreme law of the Kingdom is love. Citizens show unconditional, sacrificial love that overcomes evil with good.
  7. Abundance – The curse of scarcity and lack is broken in the Kingdom. Citizens live under the King’s provision and deliverance from fear of lack.
  8. Restoration – The Kingdom brings restoration, redemption, and renewal to every sphere of life. God’s order is reestablished.

In short, spreading Christian religion falls short of the greater message of God’s Kingdom. To live as true citizens and representatives of God’s Kingdom, we must rediscover what the Kingdom is and realign our lives around its values and purposes. The Kingdom gives the paradigm today’s world needs.

King Jesus

If you are weighed down by the anxieties and difficulties of this life. My heart goes out to you. I know those feelings all too well. This world leaves us empty, chasing solutions that never satisfy.


But I’ve learned of a Kingdom not of this world that fills the deepest needs of our hearts. It’s a Kingdom where the burdens that crush us are lifted away by the King who loves you.


In this Kingdom, your struggles find meaning, your pain finds purpose. You are believed in, valued, and empowered to live the life you were created for.


I know it may sound too good to be true. But the Kingdom is real and the King, Jesus, is reaching out to you this very moment. He wants you to become a cherished citizen in His Kingdom.


Jesus said if we have faith like a child, we can enter His Kingdom where we finally find rest, healing, and wholeness. I invite you to lay down the weights you carry. Let go of trying to fix life yourself.


Instead, surrender it all to the King and let Him fill you with His love, goodness, and joy. He promises life to the full in His Kingdom, starting the moment you say yes to His invitation.

All you have to do is believe in your heart that Jesus is King and confess it with your mouth. Then you're a Kingdom citizen and you can begin learning those principles from the Bible and a healthy church.

If you have questions or need help with Kingdom living, get in touch!

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